Collective for Women's Empowerment

About Us

SanghWE was founded in July 2016 by Padmaja Surendranath and her team. It aims to provide access to affordable, high quality, and self-directed support for psychosocial care and emotional healing to South Asian survivors of gender-based violence in the US, India and other countries in South Asia.

Padmaja Surendranath Founder, SanghWE

…founded SanghWE with the aim of bringing about a transformation in society’s attitudes towards emotional healing from sexual abuse and trauma. Padmaja is a software developer with an advanced degree in Educational Technology and is a survivor of sexual abuse currently in active recovery.

Jetty Suthar CTO and Head of R&D and Innovation

…comes to SanghWE with 20+ years of technology infrastructure strategy experience. As a Consultant he has led the design and implementation of technical solutions to solve complex business problems for companies in multiple industry verticals. He manages the technology infrastructure and design for SanghWE and leads Tech Innovations and R&D initiatives.

Richa Shrinivas Web Designer & Developer

…designs, develops and manages SanghWE’s website. Richa is a senior developer with over 10 years of experience working on a variety of web applications. Richa has a Masters Degree from Georgia Institute of Technology with a strong computer science background and creative insight. Good user exprience and interface designs are part of the core fundamentals of her work.