Collective for Women's Empowerment


  • SanghWE TIES: Workplaces for Women Survey Feb 7, 19 - Starting 2019, SanghWE has partnered with Rachel Grant, a Trauma Recovery Coach to assist corporations and multi-national companies, tech companies in particular, to enhance and make their gender diversity initiatives more effective through a leadership development program called SanghWE TIES: Workplaces for Women. The program will offer corporate and tech leaders concrete skills and strategies […]
  • SanghWE on Radio Dec 13, 16 - SanghWE on Radio On Nov 30, 2016, SanghWE was invited to be on The Lanada Williams Show for their Empower Women segment. This is a weekly show, hosted by Lanada Williams, a Licensed Psychotherapist, where she offers accessible advice for family, friends and couples. Featuring experts in the mental health field, the show helps listeners […]
  • SanghWE in Denver Dec 1, 16 -   On Aug 3, 2016, SanghWE was invited to present at the 2016 Annual Convention organized by Asian American Psychology Association (AAPA)┬áin Denver. Founded in the early 70s by Asian American Psychologists and mental health professionals in San Francisco, AAPA has pioneered and advocated for a multicultural and multilingual psychology movement in the United States. […]

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